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The Design Center

5001 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Owned and Managed by:
Real Estate Enterprises
243 Morewood Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 683-6200 FAX: (412) 683-5411
Email: designcenter@ibp.com

Commercial Offices with Internet Access

The Design Center, located on the border of the Oakland and Shadyside communities, is the first commercial office building in the Greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area to offer internet access to tenants via the building's dedicated T-1 connection to the internet as provided by MCI Communications, Inc. Tenants may subscribe to this service through Design Center Internet, Inc. and utilize our T-1 line for greater performance and reliability in accessing the internet. Systems management and technological consulting is provided exclusively by Internet PortWorks, Inc. Service is billed strictly on a monthly basis with no additional charges based upon level of usage. Enjoy the high-speed link our T-1 connection provides at a cost comparable to rates charged by other internet access providers offering 56K speed!!

Virtual Offices

In addition to offering internet access to tenants operating within The Design Center, we also have "Virtual Offices" on the Third Level of the building. These Virtual Offices are approximately 100 square foot fully air-conditioned single offices with pre-wired internet connectivity to our dedicated T-1 line. These rooms are ideal for entrepreneurs, start-up ventures, as well as individuals who wish to dial in via modem from home to connect to our line.

Great Location

The Design Center prides itself on the strong reputation it has achieved in the Pittsburgh high tech community as home to many of Pittsburgh's prominent high tech businesses, as well as a considerable number of entrepreneurs and promising start-up companies. Located just a brisk walk from both of the local universities, Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh, The Design Center provides tenants with a direct pipeline to a vast pool of human resources produced by these universities.

'20's High Tech to '90's High Tech

This building was purchased by current management in 1976. It was originally built in the late 1920's as the Hudson Essex distribution plant for all of Western Pennsylvania. Automobile parts were delivered by rail, unloaded at the rail siding on the bottom level of the building and assembled on various upper floors. The 16,000 lb. freight elevator, which is large enough to carry most any vehicle, services all floors of the building, as well as the roof. Completed inventory could be stored on the roof. Circulation was also accomplished by ramps connecting floors four through seven and the roof. Ford Motor Company had a comparable plant across Baum Boulevard from this Hudson Essex plant. The script Ford Motor Company logo can still be seen at the top of their building, but the only remaining logo on our building is the last three letters of the word Essex on the rear of the large freight elevator penthouse.

Why the Name?

In 1976, Real Estate Enterprises acquired this building and the began remodeling the Main Level to become a source for interior decorators, architects and designers. Hence the name The Design Center. Pittsburgh was not ready for this type of decorator facility and the building slowly evolved into an "uncommon" office building. Many of the Main Level spaces are balconied, as the ceiling heights on this floor are 19 feet. At the entrance, a portion of the Second Level was removed to create a 30 foot high balconied lobby area. This space contains a lounging area and is enhanced with live plantings and assorted artwork.


Tenant parking is accommodated by a 325 space parking garage built adjacent to the office building in the late 1980's. This garage is connected to The Design Center on all floors via ramps and pedestrian bridges. Visitors to The Design Center may park in this garage and exit with a token supplied by the tenant or building management. Plans are currently being prepared for an 110 car addition to this garage.

Tenant Mix

Today, the building contains an eclectic mix of tenants, including an architect, an CPA, an attorney, a wholesale wine distributor and a group of puppet makers. However, the majority of the tenants are software developers and high technology-related businesses. The Third Floor of the building (two levels below street level) houses several craftspeople and artists, as well as private locker storage areas for upper floor tenants. On the Main Level of the building, there is also a 4,000 square foot balconied Meeting Room, complete with men's and women's rooms and a wet bar. This space can accommodate up to 100 people and is available to all building tenants for special occassions such as product demonstrations or large conferences/gatherings.

Building tenants enjoy their ability to network with the variety of other tenant businesses which often compliment their own operations. This unique mix offers many business opportunities and networking possibilities. Having building management personnel on-site at The Design Center is also an attractive feature.

A Select Sample of Design Center Tenants:

Aliah, Inc.Lighthouse Systems
AYA Technologies, Inc.Memory & Systems Technology
Computational Diagnostics, Inc.Nachum Golan Interiors
Dynamic Soft Analysis, Inc.NeoVision Hypersystems, Inc.
Galt Technologies, Inc.New Perspective Productions
Gateway Wines & SpiritsPro Com Systems
Expert Choice, Inc.Production Systems Technologies
Software Engineering Enhancement Corporation

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